March 18th, 2018

Amber & Chapman

Amber contacted me through the good old “IG” and told me how much she would love for me to capture her wedding day. She told me that it was just going to be a small wedding with the people she loved the most there.

She mentioned that her and Chapman were going to write vows out to each other and I knew this would be a perfect opportunity for the cutest vow book gifts for them. I always try to curate a gift specific to my bride + groom and I couldn’t pass this up. I wanted them to have something tangible that they could hold onto for years to come other than a piece of paper.

When I arrived, it was the most PERFECT April day. The weather could honestly have not cooperated more if it tried. It was STUNNING! Because the day was so short, we had so much time for a mini “bridal shoot” and I LOVED this time with her. She giggled the entire time, her best friends and family were watching over my shoulder and getting her to belly laugh. It was honestly perfect! Just look at this girl! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! (She’s gorgeous. And I couldn’t stop staring at her dress, hair and makeup all day. She was a beautiful beautiful bride!)

Right before the Ceremony, Amber + Chapman wanted to share their vows with one another and do a quick prayer before walking in. I listened and was moved to tears as Amber complemented Chapman on being the best leader for their family, for being so caring and for loving Wake as his own child. He couldn’t help but smile the entire time. Chapman continued on to tell Amber how amazing of a mother she was (and it’s true, she’s amazing), how she made him a better man, how he loved her beauty for being more than what was shown on the outside. Huge fan of the mushy gushy here– your PDA is welcome here. I’m THERE for it!!!

Meet the world’s most handsome child, Wake. Do you not want to snuggle this boy and kiss his cheeks? My goodness!!!

We headed to the chapel after their vows and prayer and they had the most intimate ceremony. Amber’s dad walked her down the isle and all I could think about what how that would be my husband with our daughter one day. Really crazy how someone else’s wedding day can reset and shift your focus on the important stuff in life, huh? Have I mentioned how thankful I am for this job of mine? Ok, moving on.


Her giggles. This was her the entire day and I LOVED IT.

Let it be known that each wedding, you can catch me during couples portraits hangin’ out with ya under your veil. So don’t be shy. These shots are some of my most favorite. It’s as if the whole world stops in this moment.

Amber and Chapman had the sweetest first dance where they basically just gazed at one another the entire time. Then it was time for the mother of the groom and Father of the bride dances. Also known as the time where I’ll probably shed real life tears during your wedding. With 3 kids of my own, all I can think about is how that’ll be my husband and I one day. And I can’t handle it. Instant tears.

Amber cried on her dad’s shoulder as they danced. I cried. I’m sure everyone standing around was crying. It was just so pure and sweet.

Then I pulled these two away for the final pictures before I left. I just wanted to capture who these two were in one final photograph and I think I did it perfectly. Both of them, wilding in love and NOW expecting a baby boy in December of 2019. Their love story is one of my favorites and I’m so thankful they chose me to capture it.

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